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This is the ultimate in pumpkin transformations – arts & crafts website has posted how-to instructions on making a pumpkin into a working tetris game (the joystick is the stem).

Watch the video below to see the finished product in action:


Click here for step-by-step instructions:


Internet meme engaged…. All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Last week (Oct 26th) I wrote about how puppets were banned from the RNC:

As Activist Gather at the RNC, Cops Ban… Puppets?

Now they are joining forces to bring awareness to the importance of public broadcasting – on November 3rd puppets and their handlers will gather in Lincoln Park, Washington, DC to march in a parade.

Here is their site:

An excerpt from their mission statement:

We believe in public media.  We believe that a strong public broadcasting system builds a stronger nation.  And we believe that it is essential to provide adequate federal funding to our public broadcasters.

Chris & Michael
Co-Organizers of the Million Puppet March

Only in America…

Just found out about this site:

Reminds me of this article:

As Activist Gather at the RNC, Cops Ban… Puppets?