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On the eve of the American presidential election the world is on tender hooks, as the outcome will affect the global climate on every level.

The prospect of American politics and policy continuing unchanged or worsening is disheartening to say the least.

In the October printed issue of Adbusters they published an article by Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters where he contemplates the state of our collective humanity and offers a glimmer of optimism for the future.

The following is an excerpt posted online on the 22nd of October, the night of the final presidential debates:

Tonight, Romney and Obama debate for the third and final time – a sure to be tantalizing tap dance that will only circle the latent issues beneath

America’s “foreign policy strategies” – those issues that are far too taboo to be mentioned in the debate, on the news, or even at all.

It’s important on evenings like this (is this not also the great ‘evening’ of the American empire itself?) not to get too caught up in the arguments and rhetoric of either side, nor in the post-debate blitzkrieg of intellectual analysis. At this time, we cannot afford to forfeit the attention due to the deeper, the deepest contemplations at hand, which are urgently pressing up towards the surface of mass consciousness. Here are such reflections from Pink Floyd’s, Roger Waters. Consider carefully what he has to say about the state of humanity and our apprehension of ourselves:

Thirty years ago when I wrote The Wall I was a frightened young man. Well not that young, I was 36 years old.

It took me a long time to get over my fears. Anyway, in the intervening years it has occurred to me that maybe the story of my fear and loss with its concomitant inevitable residue of ridicule, shame and punishment, provides an allegory for broader concerns: nationalism, racism, sexism, religion, whatever! All these issues and isms are driven by the same fears that drove my young life.

The new production of The Wall is an attempt to draw some comparisons, to illuminate our current predicament, and is dedicated to all the innocent lost in the intervening years.

In some quarters, among the chattering classes, there exists a cynical view that human beings as a collective are incapable of developing more “humane,” i.e., kinder, more generous, more cooperative, more empathetic relationships with one another.

I disagree.

In my view it is too early in our story to leap to such a conclusion. We are after all a very young species. I believe we have at least a chance to aspire to something better than the dog-eat-dog ritual slaughter that is our current response to our institutionalized fear of each other.

–Roger Waters is an English musician, singer-song writer and composer. He was a founding member of Pink Floyd, serving as bassist, co-lead vocalist, and after the departure of bandmate Syd Barrett in 1968, Waters became the band’s lyricist, principal songwriter and conceptual leader.–


Popular anti-consumerist magazine Adbusters has published a new economics handbook called “Meme Wars: the Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economies”, due for release Nov. 13th.

In an interview with, co-founder of Adbusters Kalle Lasn is promoting the book, as well as discussing the Occupy Movement from his particular vantagepoint as longtime anti-capitalist and activist.

The book uses some intense images to illustrate the points made.

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Internet meme engaged…. All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Last week (Oct 26th) I wrote about how puppets were banned from the RNC:

As Activist Gather at the RNC, Cops Ban… Puppets?

Now they are joining forces to bring awareness to the importance of public broadcasting – on November 3rd puppets and their handlers will gather in Lincoln Park, Washington, DC to march in a parade.

Here is their site:

An excerpt from their mission statement:

We believe in public media.  We believe that a strong public broadcasting system builds a stronger nation.  And we believe that it is essential to provide adequate federal funding to our public broadcasters.

Chris & Michael
Co-Organizers of the Million Puppet March

Only in America…

Despite the onset of digital media, the poster continues to be one of the major ways that messages are sent out to the public.

Posters advertising music events rule city surfaces, and posters about activism and social political demonstrations have been on the rise, especially since the Occupy Movement began.

Read this: