This excellent documentary on the graphic novel storyteller and shaman Alan Moore came out in 2003, so tons of people have already seen it. But I just saw it and wanted to make sure that anyone who hasn’t seen it, will.

I always think of him as mysterious and not in the public eye, so it’s great to hear him talk for a spell about not just his work but his ideologies on society and humanity. His voice is also almost trance-inducing, which is also like his writing.

If you have never read an Alan Moore graphic novel, check out some of the plot synopsis in the Selected Bibliography section near the bottom of  his wiki page.

His style uses occult imagery and a fluidity between the past present future time, with characters able to transcend this percieved reality, among other things.

(You’ve probably heard of the graphic novels like “Watchmen” or “V For Vendetta“, that is him.)

My fav is “Promethea“…