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In these times of dwindling non-renewable resources, local food production is highly recommended.

Seeds in particular are more valuable than anything else nowadays to ensure our future survival.

So it only makes sense that we have products designed to promote the spirit of seed collection.

Check out these amazing products:  they contain seeds so that, once used for their initial (temporary) function, they can be planted to grow into any type of plant.

These are chopsticks, from designer Gyeongwan Koo (Oliver), that have a seed in one end which you stick into the ground:


4chopstik(images via: Yanko Design)

A packet of seeds is hidden in this coffee cup, called Y in Cup; drink the coffee and then fill the cup with soil and pour the seeds in;  add water and watch it grow:

11cup 12cup(images via: Yanko Design)

Every surface of this cardboard box, by LifeBox, is embedded with seeds.  Sections can be soaked in water, then planted into soil:

5box(image via: Lifebox)

Landscape architects Tur & Partner made this business card.

It begins with a flat surface and, over time, grows up into 3D.

This is a business card and micro-terrain . It’s a portable garden: impregnated with seeds, in the photosynthetic presence of sunlight and water, the paper eventually sprouts:

8card(image via: BLDGBLOG)

This business card is an actual packet of seeds that gets placed into water and grows a plant right out of the packet:

6card 7card(images via: Jamie Wieck)

Another business card that is a packet of seeds. Just pour into the ground and water:

9card10card(images via: Struck)

Bloomin makes paper embedded with seeds that can be used for any type of stationary supply:

Whether used for greeting cards, social stationery, or promotions, our all-natural seed paper makes its most meaningful impact when planted—the garden it grows can be enjoyed year after year, adding a little more beauty to our world.

13paper(image via: Bloomin)

as seen in weburbanist


This excellent documentary on the graphic novel storyteller and shaman Alan Moore came out in 2003, so tons of people have already seen it. But I just saw it and wanted to make sure that anyone who hasn’t seen it, will.

I always think of him as mysterious and not in the public eye, so it’s great to hear him talk for a spell about not just his work but his ideologies on society and humanity. His voice is also almost trance-inducing, which is also like his writing.

If you have never read an Alan Moore graphic novel, check out some of the plot synopsis in the Selected Bibliography section near the bottom of  his wiki page.

His style uses occult imagery and a fluidity between the past present future time, with characters able to transcend this percieved reality, among other things.

(You’ve probably heard of the graphic novels like “Watchmen” or “V For Vendetta“, that is him.)

My fav is “Promethea“…