Last post was about a subterranean nightclub in Shanghai, which looks pretty cool.

But the best underground dance scene has to be the local one here in Vancouver, BC.

The photos here are from a solid night that happens twice a month and is always well attended, even though it’s still a hidden gem-of-a-night. But because it’s so good, this is changing – gradually more people are showing up as word gets around.

Just last night there was a great Sunday night after hours event that went off till seven am.
(It started at midnight).

The space was classic – industrial neighbourhood, inconspicuous, small room with graffiti walls – and it didn’t take long before it was packed with party-goers.

It was put on by seasoned promoters and djs in the local scene who have been throwing events for years now.

And every person that shows up is keeping the scene alive.

There’s something so innocent about dancing all night in a giddy group of partyers.  There’s a sense of solidarity and community and general happiness.

It’s actually part of a long standing human tradition – to gather and play music and dance and socialize. It’s more than entertainment, more like a social bond that stays with each person even after they leave the party.

This effect doesn’t come from big, commercial events. It’s the smaller, intimate parties that are locally produced and faithfully attended that create this socially-induced sense of well being.