In overcrowded Shanghai a new nightclub has set up business underground in one of the city’s unused subterranean bomb shelters.

The Shelter nightclub in the Xuhui district has mostly original decor, with stark cement walls and floors.

There are no windows so it’s always nice and dark.

And no neighbors to complain about loud late night music.

The Xuhui district has thousands of similar vacant shelters, and with limited space above ground, it is no surprise that several businesses have also set up shop in the underground labyrinth.

Hundreds of thousands of these shelters were built all over China in the 60’s and 70’s in case of air raids by the former Soviet Union.

“Some projects remain as secrets,” said Tong Songyan, an official at the Xuhui district government, in an interview with Reuters.

Added bonus: it’s probably one of the safest places in town…

As seen in: web urbanist