We are very conservative about compliance with all privacy laws. But even if you’re following the law, you can do things where people get queasy. -Andrew Pole, statistician for Target since 2002.            –http://truth-out.org

“Target anticipates your habits, which direction you automatically turn when you walk through the doors, what you automatically put in your shopping cart,” said Rich Beeson, Mr. Romney’s political director. “We’re doing the same thing with how people vote.” –http://www.nytimes.com

We all know that our pers onal information is being collected as we surf the web – but the extent to which it is used is growing. It’s used for everything, from affecting loyalty to brands to loyalty in politics.

Supposedly they ‘de-personalize’ the information before using it. Still, there’s a database they create that has all the info pre-de-personalization.

Check out these articles on how companies collect our personal information to tailor ads that target our particular preferences.




Here’s a sample of the types of services on company offers, to tailor campaign ads to potential voters:

Home of the Political Cookie

The creepiness factor is high and they know it:

“You don’t want your analytical efforts to be obvious because voters get creeped out,” said a Romney campaign official who was not authorized to speak to a reporter. “A lot of what we’re doing is behind the scenes.”

The above quote is from this article: